Stop Tanks With Books

by Mark Neville




Stop Tanks With Books by Mark Neville.


First Edition (2022)


31 x 33 cm

180 pages

80 four-colour plates

Edited by David Campany

Published by Nazraeli Press

About Stop Tanks With Books

British artist Mark Neville moved home and studio from London to live in Kyiv, Ukraine, last year. With 100,000 Russian troops amassed on the Ukrainian border and the whole country on the cusp of war, Neville’s book project, Stop Tanks With Books, calls on the international community to urgently support Ukraine and help deter further Russian invasion.

Since 2015 Neville has been documenting life in Ukraine, with subjects ranging from holidaymakers on the beaches of Odessa, to the Roma communities on the Hungarian border, the churchgoers and nightclubbers of Kyiv, to both civilians and soldiers living on the frontline in Eastern Ukraine. Eighty of Neville’s photographs are brought together in this book, edited by David Campany, together with short stories about the conflict from Ukrainian novelist Lyuba Yakimchuk; research from the Centre of Eastern European Studies in Berlin about the 2.5 million Ukrainians already displaced by the war; and a call to action for the international community.

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