Subway Love

by Nobuyoshi araki




Subway Love by Nobuyoshi Araki. First edition (2005). First impression. Large format paperback in fine condition. Signed 'Nobuyoshi Araki' with an additional drawing by Araki to blank end page. No markings. Pages clean, binding firm. Dust jacket in removable protective sleeve. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Subway Love

From 1963 until 1972, the young Nobuyoshi Araki obsessively photographed his fellow passengers during his daily commute on the Tokyo subway. Yawning businessmen, women dozing with their legs splayed, kids who mugged for the camera. Araki captured them all candidly on film, without using a viewfinder. Now, over thirty years later, Subway Love brings back to life these vital and various prisoners crammed into their subway cars. Included is an interview with Araki, who explains the essence of documentary: to gaze unflinchingly at a thing for a long time.

About Nobuyoshi Araki from Artnet

Nobuyoshi Araki (Japanese, b.1940) is a prolific and often controversial Contemporary Japanese photographer. He is known for both banal, diaristic images as well as for intimate and erotic photographs. Many of these depict women tightly bound with ropes in the Japanese bondage style of Kinbaku. Considered by some to be pornographic, these works draw upon the tradition of Japanese Shunga, woodblock prints from the 17th century. Much of Araki’s other work documents the quotidian elements of life: clouds, flowers, vibrant karaoke bars, Japanese toys, Tokyo cityscapes, and images of ordinary people, shot in his trademark casual style.

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