The Beatles Book - No 1

by Johnny dean ed


The Beatles Book - No 1. First (only) impression of the first Beatles book from August 1963. Large format paperback in VG condition. There is some reading wear but no other markings. Please see pictures. Any questions please get in touch.

About The Beatles Book

The Beatles Book (also known as Beatles Monthly) was a fanzine dedicated to the English rock band the Beatles, founded in 1963. It was first published in August 1963 and continued for 77 editions until it stopped publication after the December 1969 edition. It was revived in 1976 and ceased publication in 2003.

About The Beatles Book - No 1.

This is issue #1 - from August 1963! It was originally available for the price of one shilling and sixpence ... but an original edition is now a collectors piece, and valued rather highly. Yet this particular item is the 1976 re-print. If you're after an original, do be careful! It's 26 pages long and features lots of great photos of the Beatles. It starts with a brief editorial by Johnny Dean and then focuses on the Beatles themselves. First George (on lead guitar) is introduced, followed by John (on rhythm guitar), then Paul (on bass), and finally Ringo (on drums). Then we get a two-page spread on Brian Epstein, followed by an article on George Martin. Having introduced all the 'key' figures, this issue looks at "Love Me Do". Everyone appears young and jovial! When this issue was written, in July 1963, the Beatles had achieved success in Britain - but were still virtually unknown in the USA. This magazine captures a time immediately prior to 'Beatlemania'. It's a fun and entertaining read. If you're a fan of the band, I highly recommend it.

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