The Fourth Wall

by Max pinckers



The Fourth Wall by Max Pinckers. First edition first impression. Paperback in as new condition. Please note that the binding is not perfect due to the book being printed on newspaper. No markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About The Fourth Wall

“Nowhere else is there such devotion to cinema as in India,” says Belgian photographer Max Pinckers, whose self-published book, The Fourth Wall, explores the extraordinary impact Bollywood has on wider society. “This fictional world seeps into reality and influences everyday life, dictating the perception and imagination of its audience.”

So, with this in mind, and instead of focusing on the more obvious manifestations of Indian movie culture, such as advertising billboards or Bollywood bling, he turned the streets of Bombay into his own set, inviting passers-by to participate. “The people in these images become actors by choosing their own roles, which they perform for the camera and its western operator,” he explains.

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