The Station

by Chris Killip



The Station by Chris Killip. First edition (2018). This is a 32 page tabloid style/size loose leaf newspaper in new condition. No markings, this is a new publication. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About The Station

“I was photographing nightlife venues in Newcastle in 1985 when someone told me about The Station, an anarcho/punk venue in Gateshead. I was amazed by the energy and feel of the place. 1985 wasn’t a great time in Gateshead. It was after the miners’ strike and most of the punks at The Station were unemployed. Run as a very inclusive collective, their identity was embedded in the fabric of the place. It was also a rehearsal space and local bands who weren’t playing that night would be in the crowd dancing. The Station was a home for this community. Nobody ever asked me where I was from or even who I was; a thirty-nine-year-old with cropped white hair, always wearing a suit (as the jacket had pockets stitched inside to hold my 4×5" slides). I had a big flat-bed plate camera around my neck and a hefty Norman flash with its outsize battery around my waist.” — Chris Killip

Artist Bio

Chris Killip was born in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1946. Firstly, he left school at age sixteen and joined the only four-star hotel on the Isle of Man. In June 1964 he decided to pursue photography full time. So, he became a beach photographer in order to earn enough money to leave the Isle of Man. After leaving he then worked as a freelance assistant for various photographers in London from 1966-69. In 1969, after seeing his very first exhibition of photography at the MoMA, he decided to return to photograph in the Isle of Man. On a return visit to the USA in 1971, Lee Witkin, commissioned a limited edition portfolio of the Isle of Man work. Paying for it in advance so that Killip could continue to photograph.

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