Time Atlas

by Niina vatanen



First edition of Time Atlas by Niina Vatanen (2019)

First impression

Medium format hardback in new condition

Published by Kehrer Verlag


Time Atlas weaves together images from a variety of sources, from intimate personal archives to Internet imagery, old encyclopaedias, newspapers, guidebooks and manuals. Following an idiosyncratic visual and intuitive logic, Niina Vatanen combines all the different materials creating many new and surprising connections. Inspired by encyclopaedias, Vatanen organizes pictures loosely with thematic categories. She is focusing especially on questions concerning time and our perception of it, and exploring how visual memory, personal experience, and history intertwine. Niina Vatanen is an artist working with photographs, text and archive material. Her works have been on display in numerous galleries, museums and photo festivals in Finland and abroad since 2006. Niina Vatanen has published two books with Kehrer Verlag: A Room’s Memory / Huoneen muisti (2013) and Archive Play (2014).

Publisher kehrer