View from Above

by Wolfgang tillmans



View from Above by Wolfgang Tillmans. First edition. First impression in fine condition. No markings, pages clean, binding firm. Jacket in removable protective sleeve. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About View from Above

View from Above is an overview of Tillmans' new phase in his work. Thus, it shows his more abstract creations obtained in the darkroom and also on ink-jet prints. The pictures in this catalogue are an excellent example of the artist's versatility and evolution and the fact that he is a lot more than a chronicler of his age. So, we find landscapes and cityscapes where the light creates interesting and unsettling effects. Also, objects that fold themselves into details of the background through the manipulation of light interacting with photosensitive paper. Overall, this book explores Tillmans's figurative photographs of abstract nature made in the four years previous to its publication. The quality of his motifs and compositions as well as his exploration of techniques seen in this book marks a clear before and after in Tillman's career.  

About Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans was born in 1968 in Germany. His diverse body of work is distinguished by observation of his surroundings and the investigation of the photographic medium’s foundations. He was the first photographer to be awarded the Tate annual Turner Prize. He was initially known for this seemingly casual, snapshot style portraits. His subjects were his own friends and other young people he would bump into. He established himself in the early 90’s after several of his photographs from Love Parade (1992) or Europride (1992) appeared in magazines, putting him in the spotlight as a witness of a contemporary social movement. Tillmans’ photographic practice evolved into a wide array of genres. His portraits, still lifes, sky photographs, astrophotography, aerial shots and landscapes have both, aesthetic and political interests. Also, a big theme in his work is homosexuality and gender identity.

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