War Primer 38

by Andreas schmidt


War Primer 38 by Andreas Schmidt. First edition (2013). First impression. Small format hardback (one of 100) in fine condition. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About War Primer 38

This is a re-working of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin’s War Primer 2 (2011) itself a reworking of the 1998 English edition of Bertolt Brecht’s Kriegsfibel. It is a self-published book in an edition of 100 copies.

About Andreas Schmidt

Andreas Schmidt is a Berlin-based artist and gallerist. Schmidt received a first class Bachelor of Arts (Photography) degree from Nottingham Trent University, School of Art and Design in 1992, after having moved to England from Germany in 1989. So, Schmidt's early work consisted mainly of straight analogue photography with a later shift in his art practice from 2008 onward towards appropriation, performance, print-on-demand artist's books and video. In 2005 German fine art and photography book publisher Hatje Cantz published his first hard-back monograph Las Vegas to international critical acclaim. Furthermore, after the success of the book, J.G. Ballard described Schmidt as "the poet of the hotel corridor". Then in 2009 Schmidt's Published his second book - The City. The book presents dystopian interior and exterior photographs of London's financial district.

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