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Arnaud Montagard (b. 1991) was born in Nancy, France, is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He was initially drawn to street art during his youth. Montagard saved up for his first camera to document the street art scene and his friends’ graffiti in his hometown in France. This passion led him to sleepless nights wandering around what became his playground: the streets.

There is a timeless elegance that Arnaud Montagard captures in his photography that echoes work by painters such as Edward Hopper. An isolated figure, lit beautifully, staring out of view or caught in his own thoughts. Or classic American diners with their strong retro shades and bold lines. You’ll find the same subtly and eye for detail throughout his portfolio. Whether that is through his analogue film or digital work.

The Road Not Taken is Arnaud Montagard's debut monograph, and was first published by us at Setanta Books in 2020. It sold out very quickly however there is still some prints and special editions available for sale below.

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