David H. Gibson

David H. Gibson is a primarily self-taught artist who possesses a reverence for place and light. This mindset fuels his black and white and color photographs of landscapes, nature, and places where the manmade abuts the natural. He remains devoted to the darkroom and to developing his own prints, which is reflected in his overall vision and the framing of his subjects. In America, Gibson hews to the West, photographing the landscapes of states such as Texas and New Mexico. He also travels abroad; in Japan, Gibson captured the fleeting pink froth of the country’s famous cherry blossoms and the patterns raked into Kyoto’s Zen rock gardens. Gibson is especially drawn to Eagle Nest Lake, New Mexico, as the changing atmospheric conditions intrigue him. “It is always a surprise and a gift to be at Eagle Nest Lake before dawn to see what is presented,” he once said.


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