Meloni Meloni

by Gerry johansson



Meloni Meloni by Gerry Johansson. First edition (2020). First impression hardback in new condition. Signed by Gerry Johansson to front end page. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Meloni Meloni

My work with Meloni Meloni began in 2014. So, as usual it was a happy circumstance that got me started. Firstly, I was in Ravenna on a commission for Osservatorio Fotografico. Therefore, one day I drove the little road between Classe and Lido Dante, just outside Ravenna. In the corner of my eye I saw a sign with the text Meloni Meloni. What a wonderful sign! My thoughts went to words like melody and melancholy. I immediately got in a very good mood, parked my car and started walking along the road Via Bosca. A short little road, maybe 4-5 kilometers long. A fairly typical Italian road on the border between the suburb and the countryside. But of course very interesting when you're in a happy mood. Over the years I have returned several times. The book has four chapters, one for each year I photographed and in each year the walks begins at the sign Meloni Meloni." - Gerry Johansson

About Gerry Johansson

Gerry Johansson is a discreet, yet investigative photographer. In his minutely composed and structured greyscale photographs he manages to visualize what is otherwise merely an abstract and intangible concept: culture. So, the significance of Gerry Johansson’s works is to be found in the deeper layers of what is documented. Gerry Johansson’s strong visual language creates a unifying aesthetic thread amongst these places. While simultaneously providing the viewer with the key to decoding the cultural differences between them.

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