Gerry Johansson

Gerry Johansson is a discreet, yet investigative photographer. In his minutely composed and structured greyscale photographs he manages to visualize what is otherwise merely an abstract and intangible concept: culture. So, the significance of Gerry Johansson’s works is to be found in the deeper layers of what is documented. Gerry Johansson’s strong visual language creates a unifying aesthetic thread amongst these places. While simultaneously providing the viewer with the key to decoding the cultural differences between them.

The series Deutschland takes the viewer on an unusual photographic journey through germany’s diverse cultural heritage. Johansson makes us see the country through the swedish eye – a perspective that is very rare to find. he explores Deutschland via its (sub)urban and rural landscapes: cities, smaller towns and villages like Gelsenkirchen, Beckum or Neustrelitz, the individual objects he portrays each being symbols of a collective socio-cultural identity.

Gerry Johansson was born 1945 and lives in Höganäs in southern sweden.


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