Gian Paolo Barbieri

Dramatic film noir lighting and a deep admiration of Italian film director Federico Fellini inspire Gian Paolo Barbieri’s distinctive fashion and travel photographs. Theatrical black-and-white shots such as Eva Malstrom, Vogue Italia (1979) harken back to Barbieri’s brief stint as a film extra during the heyday of Rome’s Cinecittà studio, a period during which he photographed actors as a side hustle to make ends meet. Photography ultimately became his career, and he opened his first studio in Milan in 1964 after a few months assisting mid-century fashion photographer Tom Kublin. Barbieri worked frequently for Vogue Italia. He began taking carefully composed travel photographs of locations such as Tahiti and Madagascar in the late 1980s. He won the Lucie Award 2018 for Achievement in Fashion, and his images have been shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London.


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