Jack Davison

Jack Davison (born 1990.) Originally from Essex is a self taught photographer who first came to recognition when has listed on the BJP’s “One to Watch”. As a result of the released his striking photo series, 26 States. Jack first picked up a Canon IXUS aged 15, but instead of traditional training decided to pursue an English Literature degree at Warwick University. Here he shot some of the first examples of the intense portraiture he’s become known for. He has now lensed cover shots for a growing collection of major magazines, including AnOther. His work stands out due to his intense, interesting use of light and shadows – especially apparent in his monochrome images.

Davison’s work is distinctly unique and visually striking as a result of intense and interesting use of light and shadows. Which becomes especially apparent in his monochrome images. He has made a name for himself in the fashion world. As a result of working with many different companies. As well as producing cover imagery for countless magazines and other publications.