Matt Henry

Matt Henry makes fictional narratives set in the Mid-century era. The narratives comprise a sequence of photographs staged across set-builds and dressed locations. Each is storyboarded and typically features a cast of actors styled. So, Henry’s production process shares elements with traditional film making. Including casting, location scouting, lighting and set design, props and costume. As well as, the use of period hair and makeup. The stories have been described as ‘stills from a movie that was never made.’

The work seeks not to emulate or comment on the medium of film making, but rather to use the sequenced still image as a storytelling medium in its own right. Henry’s stories explore his ongoing fascination with the Mid-century period and often feature recurring interests, including: the Sixties as unresolved political flashpoint; the counterculture, psychedelics, and social change; dream states and visions of utopia/dystopia; as well as themes relating to race and gender.


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