Flughafen Berlin Tegel

by Andreas Gehrke




First edition, first impression of Flughafen Berlin Tegel by Andreas Gehrke in new condition. Signed. Published in 2022 by Drittel.


About Flughafen Berlin Tegel

On 8 November 2020 the last commercial aircraft departed from Berlin Tegel Airport. It left an emptiness in its wake; but also a utopian space in which the idea, the architecture and the history of the site continue to resonate. In this respect, Berlin Tegel was unlike the major international hubs in Shanghai, Denver, London and Frankfurt am Main which, with their never-ending agglo-merations of departure lounges, check-in counters, retractable barriers, escalators and shopping facilities, hardly differ from one another. As an airport, it wasn’t merely a transit zone of the globalised era; it was also a place with a particular social and historical significance.