by Marta Zgierska | Mateusz Sarełło


  • First edition (2022)
  • First impression 
  • Large format softback in new condition
  • Two print options available, both are signed on the verso by the artists

On one hand, a man on the edge between a breakup and a new relationship. On the other - a woman trying to mark her presence in the man's life in order to free him from the toxic past. On one hand, dried bouquets of flowers that never reached the addressee are reborn, creating a chance for a new life together. On the other - empty vases impose a more or less polished form on this life, inscribing it in certain conventions.

As François Cheval writes in the essay accompanying the publication: “A body on a quest for its own reconstruction is what Marta Zgierska and Mateusz Sarełło are inviting us to consider. Despite the face’s withdrawal, despite the anonymity, the dispersion resulting from the dismemberment doesn’t tell us that it has disappeared. The numerous details arranged into bouquets place, by contrast, this singular experience as the founding of a new horizon.

In this strange Garden, the fantastic, surreal component makes this short and thickset photographic story a tragicomedy of the body. Photography, and this is one of its rare qualities, has the capacity to model flesh, to make it into a Dionysiac incident. To the real world’s agitation, the medium opposes a symbolic, grotesque violence by exploring new and surprising forms. Do Marta Zgierska and Mateusz Sarełło hope that a happy end may arise from this monstrous collage, that a radiant future can be rebuilt? And how can the details of a body, which is experienced in everyday life, as it is experienced in pleasure, transform into a founding event, above the ruins of past morbidity?”

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