by Daido Moriyama


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First edition of Hawaii by Daido Moriyama (2007)

First impression

Large format paperback in new condition

No markings to book

Comes with a dust jacket and a PVC jacket

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Published by Nazraeli Press


Taken in between the periods of July 2004 and January 2007, Moriyama’s Hawaii contains a collection of 291 images, captured in the same iconic black and white, grainy visual style in which Moriyama has become famous for. Bound within the 432 pages of this photobook Moriyama presents a photographic narrative of an island’s landscape viewed from both its natural land formations and its inhabitants. Here the viewer’s known preconceptions of the island paradise of Hawaii are brushed aside, not entirely wiped clean by Moriyama’s staunch approach in recording the world as he sees it, the ideals and exotisized imagery of Hawaii as the imagined island as paradise become exploited to establish a stereotyped sense of place. The viewer is no longer remote, the distance has been removed and we are no longer detached from the immediate westernized culture within our everyday. 

Publisher nazraeli press