Juliette (One Picture Book)

by Melanie pullen


Juliette (One Picture Book) by Melanie Pullen. First edition (2013). First impression small hardback (one of 500) in new condition. #42 of this Nazraeli Press One Picture Book. Contains a signed by Melanie Pullen tipped-in print. No markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Juliette

“I was inspired to create a series showing a female perpetrator – a true femme fatale. As opposed to High Fashion Crime Scenes, which focused on the victim and was based entirely in reality. The Juliette series is a fantasy, and flips the model’s role to one in a position of power. So, I approached Juliette Lewis with the idea and she became my muse for the series. I wrote scripts for each shot and she acted out the scenes. Each shot in essence is a film still. The only film still. The series was shot in Los Angeles in 2004.” — Melanie Pullen All of the images are of actress Juliette Lewis in highly stylized but gritty and violent scenes as if they were stills from movies.

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