New York, Paul Auster and me

by Euro Rotelli



First edition of by Euro Rotelli (2022)

First impression 

Small format paperback in new condition

Comes with a dust jacket

Text in English

Published by Postcart Edizioni


New York, Paul Auster and me is the brainchild of photographer Euro Rotelli, after engaging with the reading of Paul Auster’s books and meetings with the writer in Brooklyn.

Euro Rotelli accompanies the reader on an emotional exploration of the city, which lasted three years. Guided by his own sensitivity and by the characters of Paul Auster’s books, through photographs and a personal diary, he portrays the intimate essence of an unconventional New York, the one actually experienced by the melting pot of its inhabitants. An iconic journey for the readers of the New York writer and for those who have strong feelings for this city.

Publisher postcart