Our Kids are Going to Hell

by Robin maddock



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Our Kids are Going to Hell by Robin Maddock. First edition. First impression. Large format paperback in new condition. Signed by Robin Maddock to title page. No markings. This is a brand new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

*Please note the unsigned copy is in very good condition. No internal markings. There is a minor bump to top of spine.

About Our Kids are Going to Hell

Robin Maddock spent three years accompanying police going about their work in east London. His photographs of various raids uncover a seedy narrative, how a dangerous myth of success without education had grown over the last twenty years within our youth. It is now aspirational to be violent, vain and most dangerously, uneducated. In 2007 a UNICEF study of child well being in 21 industrialized countries placed Britain firmly at the bottom of the table. Yet we don't need to be told something is wrong with our young around us. These images show an endless cycle of raids and arrests that don't even make the local newspapers; as such the scenes evoke a sense of the everyday, the mundane daily grind of a redesigned and well-played ritual. Drugs are the most prized aspect of the raid, valued equally by both sides. They become visible through confrontations, weapons and a tide of visitors to the house of the mother.

Artist Bio

So, Maddock is best known for his personal approach to documentary photography. He looks at different places and then the states of mind of the people that inhabit them. His first two photography books were portraits of England. 'Our kids Are Going to Hell' (2009) is a reflection of the social interaction of youth and the police in Hackney, London. Also that year, Maddock made the prestigious Victoria and Albert museum annual review, which was a 6 month commission. His second title, ‘God Forgotten Face’ in 2011 continued his work on aspects of everyday English society in the South Western town of Plymouth. Martin Parr selected this work as his choice in the Smithsonian magazine’s edition “The new stars of photography” in February 2012. More recently, 2014, has seen his third book entitled ‘III’ published. It is a more playful black and white look at the streets of America.

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