Bevan Davies

Bevan Davies is an American photographer whose vintage prints captured American cities in the 1970/80s. He was educated at the University of Chicago (1959-1961). After establishing himself in Chicago, Davies moved to SoHo, New York City. In Chicago, he was known for his portrayals of anonymous human drama observed in the street, which shifted on his arrival to New York to themes exploring the dilapidated architectural facades that served as mute backdrops to the trendy SoHo neighborhood. When the architectural series was exhibited the year after they were made, their formal austerity and apparently neutral stance invited comparison with the contemporaneous works of Lewis Baltz, Bernd and Hilla Becher and other photographers in the seminal "New Topographics" exhibition. He later went on to photograph Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and more, before retiring in Maine. 


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