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Mark Neville works at the intersection of art and documentary photography, investigating the social function of photography. He makes lens-based works which have been realised and disseminated in a large array of contexts, as both still and moving image pieces, slideshows, films, and giveaway photography books. His work has consistently looked to subvert the traditional role of social documentary practice, seeking to find new ways to empower the position of its subject over that of the author. Often working with closely knit communities, in a collaborative process intended to be of direct, practical benefit to the subject, his photographic projects to date have frequently made the towns he portrays the primary audience for the work. 

We have many books for sale by Mark Neville, browse them all below.

Stop Tanks with Books is his latest title about Ukraine, but as well as this great book we also have other titles by Neville such as: Fancy Pictures, Parade and London/Pittsburgh.

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